Miranda Leach is a 22 year old creative who makes her home in the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee. Her passions include photography, graphic design, creating accessories, and making music. She strives to bring out the light and passion in everyone she meets, and loves to have deep conversations about what brings light into other people's lives. Seeing the smile on someone's face when they talk about their passions and life journey is what motivates her to pursue her own endeavors.


On Instagram, Miranda is known for her daily talks about life, goals, and how to be productive. She loves sharing her life in photos and video clips. As one follower notes, Miranda "is such a beautiful person inside and out" and she "radiates such a positive, pure, beautiful energy." Her message is "beautiful and inspiring."

On a professional level, Miranda is a published photographer whose work has been featured in magazines and on the CD covers of Grammy-award winning musicians. She loves capturing candid moments and emotions in every photo.

She has also done graphic design work for various brands, bands, and festivals. Her work features both vintage styles and minimalist values.

When she's not at a shoot, on her computer, or making accessories, you'll find Miranda on stage with her husband's band, hiking in the Smoky Mountains with her pup, or in the kitchen cooking up some Mexican food.